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Crocs Warehouse Sale

Retail Price: 40 AED

Offer Price: 20 AED

You Save:20 AED (50%)

Exp:5hr 36min

New:Crocs Warehouse Sale

20 AED for 40 AED Worth of Crocs at the Crocs Warehouse Sale on the 7th, 8th and 9th of April. – CLICK HERE

For some fashion might be nothing but induced epidemics. But if the craze is a worldwide phenomenon, everyone’s hoping to catch it in a jiffy. Especially if they fit you like a glove. Grab today’s snazzy Groupon to be hip and comfortable at the same time. Step into the bona fide phenomenon called Crocs and get your hands on a pair for 20AED at the Crocs Warehouse Sale in April.

While the foot fashionistas wonder at the overnight success of these boat shoes, Crocs have a tendency to grow on you. The kids, teenyboppers and the divas – everyone seems to have caught on to the buzz and with lots of new models and designs, 2011 promises Crocs lovers exciting times. Available worldwide, they continue to expand the success of these cool and comfortable shoes that have long expanded from the classic clog to fashionable flats, sleek men’s wear and flip flops for all ages.

Whether you are a dedicated Crocs follower or just another fashion addict, your feet will be screaming out in relief. Walk out and get yourself one more pair.


Al Marabea’ Street, Close to Grand Mall, Al Quoz Ind. 1, P.O.: 212870 , Dubai

Posted 7 years ago Clothing & Accessories
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